We are offering DoorSide ordering to the public  

Thursday - Saturday 12:00PM - 5:00PM  (or until sold out).

All desserts will be FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!

We DO NOT accept nor are available to fill any custom orders (ex., birthday cakes, cupcakes, etc). 



As a reminder, we are still fighting a worldwide pandemic and will be taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and customers.   


All customers will order from our pre-selected dessert menu for that present day.  

All desserts are first come, first serve. We highly recommend arriving early for the best selections.

Due to our in-store demand, we will try our best to update customers with a daily menu via social media and our online  menu page; however, it is not a guarantee.  We offer over 150 different items and are always rotating our desserts and popping up new flavors.

We make our desserts in small batches to keep in line with our policy of quality over quantity.  If there is a line of customers, the quantity of desserts per customer will be limited. 

Go here to see the menu and schedule. 


As we continue to prevent the spread of COVID,  we ask that you please familiarize & use the precautious that will be provided upon arrival and are listed below...

  • NO GUEST will be permitted into the bakery at any time.



  • All customers must wear a face covering while waiting to place an order, and when interacting with our staff.  

  • Hand sanitizer will be available and must be used prior to checkout equipment interaction.

  • Please maintain SIX-FEET distance between customers, and our staff members at ALL times. 


  • If you feel sick, please stay home! 

  • Any customers that become rude or disrespectful to other customers or our staff will NOT receive service.



We are working very hard to ensure that your overall experience is the best! 

Please know that some things have changed due to COVID.

  • Please be mindful that your wait time will be longer than normal. When the line reaches capacity, we will inform customers so that you will not wait in the line when there are only a few desserts left.  

  • Exact cash will be accepted! To prevent the spread and limit interaction, we highly recommend using a credit or debit card as your form of payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and all associated gift cards. 

When you arrive, PLEASE wait patiently in line and we will be out to assist you as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you! Please note that if you are unable or unwilling to follow any restrictions, customers will not receive service.

Thank you so much for your understanding, we look forward to seeing your happy eyebrows!